About Us

Odyssey Expeditions Tropical Marine Biology Voyages offers summer educational adventure voyages aboard catamarans in the Caribbean for high school and college students.

Please visit www.odysseyexpeditions.com for more information.

This is our Marine Biology Educational Blog

For 22 years, Odyssey has been leading unique and outstanding educational adventure programs focusing on sailing, scuba diving and marine science.  Combining an awesome island sailing adventure and underwater exploration program with a staff of enthusiastic sailors, biologists, and scuba instructors, Odyssey Expeditions integrates marine science discoveries into an adventure of a lifetime.

Voyages are dedicated to providing the educational background, underwater exploration skills, and personal talents to help students develop into ‘Ambassadors of the World’s Oceans.’  With projects that bring science ideas to life and contribute back through environmental service, your voyage is not only personally rewarding but also a positive influence in our world.