Hello Toadfish – Brrrrzz Brrrrzz Brrrrzz Brrrrzz

Splendid Toadfish –
Sanopus splendidus

It is difficult for toadfishes to swim across great distances, so populations can become easily isolated by geography and evolve into now species.

Also known as the coral toadfish and the Cozumel splendid toadfish is a species entirely endemic to the island of Cozumel, Mexico.

Bonus Fact 1: Toadfish have gone into space orbin on two NASA space shuttle missions.

Bonus Fact 2: Gulf Toadfish who life off the coast of Florida make up a notable portion of the dolphin’s diet, approximately 13%. Scientific experiments have shown that the mating call of the toadfish alerts dolphin predators to the fish’s location. Similarly, the sounds caused by the dolphin when hunting its prey alert toadfish to the location of the predators and cause the fish to silence their mating call. Male toadfish will reduce their mating calls by up to 50% when they hear the low sound of a dolphin’s “pop”.
“Fish Eavesdrop to Avoid Becoming Dinner”. Livescience. Retrieved 2016-10-20.

Bonus Fact 3: The sounds of a toadfish reminds me of an amplified phone vibrating. https://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/news/00000163-2b7c-d2a7-a56b-3bfe4aa80000

Sanopus – Greek, sanoo, saino = ‘to shake the tail’ + Greek, pous = ‘foot’
Splendidius – Latin splendeō = ‘shine’ +‎ -idus = ‘tending to’

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