Sea Turtle Nesting Fact:

Adult female sea turtles are literally magnetically drawn to the comforting beaches where they were hatched.   Sea turtles imprint on the unique magnetic field of their natal beach as hatchlings and then use this information to return as adults.

Scientists suspect that tiny magnetic particles in sea turtle brains enable them to detect unique magnetic signatures given off by beaches, such that they can return to them after ultra long journeys.

What’s good for mother turtle is good for her adult offspring too, since the latter don’t bother trying to hunt down better beaches. Mom’s choice is the only one.

Sea Turtle Nesting
A loggerhead sea turtle nesting

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  1. Hatchlings depend on drinking sea water immediately upon entering the ocean to replenish water lost during the hatching process. Salt gland functioning begins quickly after hatching, so that the young turtles can establish ion and water balance soon after entering the ocean. Survival and physiological performance hinge on immediate and efficient hydration following emergence from the nest.

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