Rx from under the sea

Sponge fact
Callyspongia plicifera

Sponges are spineless animals belong to phylum Porifera. Sponges can be immensely helpful in treating many diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and cancer. Chemical from sponges have many antibacterial properties.

Azure Vase Sponge – Callyspongia plicifera

Callyspongi –  Cally- Greek “kallista,” = ‘beautiful, lovely. ‘ Kallista is likely associated with Callisto, a nymph who was a babe. Long story short, she had an affair with her BFF’s dad, Zeus, got pregnant, was shot by the disgusted BFF and, with Zeus’ intervention, became bears set in the sky as stars called Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.
Plicifera – Latin “plici” = ‘fold’, +fera – Greek = ‘bearing

Porifera – Greek = “pore bearer’

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